Wednesday, March 7, 2012

weather the weather.

so, we had some crazy weather a week ago.
well... we've had crazy weather all winter.
yesterday it was in the 50s. in march. in MN.
on this particular bipolar day of minnesota winter weather,
it rained and snowed and sleeted and the wind blew
all throughout the night. 
i'm usually really good with storms. they initiate more curiosity then the fear of death.
but for some reason, this one was different. 
on several occasions i was SURE that the freezing rain had pummeled holes through the roof
and that the water was pooling in the attic and was for SURE going to come through 
the ceiling and our house was going to crumble like death.
but the only damage was the limb of a tree had broken off and is still hanging in the back.
puck was not very happy.

random story day is over.
happy hump day!