Friday, July 22, 2011


a man with a baby.
MY man with a baby.
it just melts my heart into a puddle of mush and love.
that my friends is the beautiful, perfect baby A.
she's the new addition to the Papagiannopoulos family
and might i say- possibly my favorite of the 3 :)
i held this precious little peanutski forever and quite honestly
didn't want to let her go. ever.
I shared her with Kevan for a milisecond and then
demanded her be returned to my arms at which
point he 'accidentally' knocked her little knit hat off
and she and i both got pissed, stomped to our rooms and slammed the door.
well... at least one of us did.
Really though, she laid in my arms just looking around
(mostly at my beautiful face- really, who can resist?)
and only made one little cry noise for a second when 
her parents opened her presents without her... i would've been pissed too.
i cannot wait to watch this little beauty grow
and could not be more proud or happy for her amazing parents. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

worse than the amazon.

i swear i'm not lying. jonathan yuhas told me so...
because of the mass amounts of snow we received this winter
and then the torrential rains and flooding of this spring
the ground is so saturated that this heat wave is causing the
air temperature (that is already at 97) to feel like 115 and wet.
People don't really think of Minneapolis as having hot weather, 
but they don't realize that it can get unbearably humid.
the thermometer may only say 94, but the humidity in the air
will actually bring the temperature up well past 100.
so what did we do to celebrate this deadly weather?
went to a twins game with 37 billion other sweaty, hot, stank-a-sauruses.
we had fabulous seats (dugout level) and wonderful company (thank you Vinings!)
and it was hotter than hell. seriously. i dripped the entire game. 
i think the sky may have even been on fire for part of the game.
thanks for a wonderful, memorable night as always! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh Shiz...

honestly... i can't think about this without getting the noops
i've read every book several times (balled my eyes out while reading the last 4)
seen every movie in the theatres. have a harry potter pillow on my couch (i'm 26...)
call me a freak, i dont care. i'll more than likely cry at the end of the movie.
were not seeing it until sunday (imax 3-d baby!) so boyfriend and i are
having a marathon to get him caught up on the magic
 that is HP while enjoying some takeout.

oh my damn... i can't wait for sunday.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

like in the movies.

So you know how sometimes people in the movies or on a tv show/commercial
will accidentally press 'reply all' to an email and send a snarky remark that was not intended for everyone to see? or that they accidentally send an email to Billy Joe when it was actually supposed to go to Bobby Sue and then hillarity ensues? day at work i was sending Boyfriend an email. the email included this picture and was titled "you + me"

yes, i know that it's 2 kangaroos hugging... or maybe they're "hugging"...
and that's weird, but it makes sense to us and that's all that matters.
anywhos. so i sent this to his personal email that starts and a 'S'
and coincidentally the company i work at starts with a 'S'
and guess what... our blast email address that includes everyone
that works within said company starts with a 'S'.
yep. you guessed it. i sent the above picture of 2 f-ing kangaroos
with the caption 'you + me' NOT to Boyfriend, but...
to the entire f-ing company.
i just about peed myself and threw up at the same time.
moral of the story... check who you're sending things to because you might
end up setting yourself up for very akward moments by the watercooler.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

how cute.

how cute is it that whenever anyone has looked at my blog (all 3 of you... power to the followers!)the first thing you've seen for a week is my pig face. yikes!
well some big shiz has been going down at our house. i'm talkin' like earth shattering, mind blowing, bladder bursting shiz that has kept me from my little blog.
Well, not really. boyfriend flew out to Montana- one of our favorite states- to pick up the new addition to our family... a 2007 black crown victorica... number 4 for this household. and the crowd goes wild! a dream come true, i tell ya! i'm sure you're all totally jealous.
there she is! in all her crown vic glory. my favorite part is the background... the part with no crown vic
le sigh... i love montana/wyoming. they are the same thing you know.

With boyfriend being on the road, i had the whole house to myself for 24 full hours.
it was my first time sleeping alone in the new house so i was a tad nervous
(yes... i may have searched every nook and cranny of the place with a butcher knife to make sure no serial killers were waiting to take my life)
and i know i should have totally gone out and partied like i was single and ready to mingle
but instead, i was even cooler and did some cleaning/organizing/productivizing (yeah. it's a word).
the kids an i also took some pics to send to the B while he was making his way home
aren't they dolls?! ugh. i love 'em i love 'em i love 'em!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


this is what i feel like today
a big ol' pig.
although the weekend was a total blast,
the after effects of overindulgence has been weighing on me...
my cuzzie and i have started our own little version of weight watchers
and have been encouraging each other cross country, which has been great.
losing weight aint easy... especially the serious poundage i have packed on,
but it has really helped to have her there to hold me accountable and to
cheer each other on.
but alas... after losing weight and getting on track and feeling great about it,
4th of July came and shoved fat and beer down my throat.
yes... i understand that i am taking all personal blame off of myself
and putting it onto a fabulous holiday and that is not the way to recovery.
either way... i chose to put everything into my mouth and now i feel frumpy
 sad face
i will get back on track!
i will lose weight!
i will be hot and sexxxy again!
look out Kimmy K!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

oh hellz no.

honestly, jurors of St. Pete?
i mean...
the bitch horrible excuse for a human didn't report her child missing for 30 days
30 days!
and you didn't even convict her for child neglect??
let alone murdering her sweet sweet caylee?
this just makes me sick.
i would never wish death ill on someone
but satan's spawn needs... karma.
she'll get hers.
that's just how the universe works. 
she's gross.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

I hope everyone's having a wonderful 4th of July weekend!
ours started off a little shaky when a big storm
rolled through the cities and we lost power for almost
3 hours
other than that...
We've had the most unbelievable weather
had good eats and great times with friends and family
did yard work like crazies
'acted up a little' ala DB
and really just enjoyed the 3 day weekend together.  

Yesterday morning it dawned on us that
we didn't have anymore beer/booze... 
and it was Sunday.
with liquor stores closed in MN and friends coming over later in the afternoon
we jumped in the car for a little trip over the border...

another plus of Wisco- good fireworks
we were able to get all of our preserves and entertainment
and headed back to the better side of the Mississippi
to celebrate our great nation with our great friends.

i couldn't believe how many boats were on the river- i was a little jealous
Kevan and i declared that we would have a boat someday
i hope that someday is next summer ;)

per the guy at the liquor store:
"only in America do we celebrate by gettin' drunk and setting off explosives"

so go be an American:
drink beer
light your fireworks
and wave your flags high and proud!