Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

I hope everyone's having a wonderful 4th of July weekend!
ours started off a little shaky when a big storm
rolled through the cities and we lost power for almost
3 hours
other than that...
We've had the most unbelievable weather
had good eats and great times with friends and family
did yard work like crazies
'acted up a little' ala DB
and really just enjoyed the 3 day weekend together.  

Yesterday morning it dawned on us that
we didn't have anymore beer/booze... 
and it was Sunday.
with liquor stores closed in MN and friends coming over later in the afternoon
we jumped in the car for a little trip over the border...

another plus of Wisco- good fireworks
we were able to get all of our preserves and entertainment
and headed back to the better side of the Mississippi
to celebrate our great nation with our great friends.

i couldn't believe how many boats were on the river- i was a little jealous
Kevan and i declared that we would have a boat someday
i hope that someday is next summer ;)

per the guy at the liquor store:
"only in America do we celebrate by gettin' drunk and setting off explosives"

so go be an American:
drink beer
light your fireworks
and wave your flags high and proud!

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