Wednesday, July 13, 2011

how cute.

how cute is it that whenever anyone has looked at my blog (all 3 of you... power to the followers!)the first thing you've seen for a week is my pig face. yikes!
well some big shiz has been going down at our house. i'm talkin' like earth shattering, mind blowing, bladder bursting shiz that has kept me from my little blog.
Well, not really. boyfriend flew out to Montana- one of our favorite states- to pick up the new addition to our family... a 2007 black crown victorica... number 4 for this household. and the crowd goes wild! a dream come true, i tell ya! i'm sure you're all totally jealous.
there she is! in all her crown vic glory. my favorite part is the background... the part with no crown vic
le sigh... i love montana/wyoming. they are the same thing you know.

With boyfriend being on the road, i had the whole house to myself for 24 full hours.
it was my first time sleeping alone in the new house so i was a tad nervous
(yes... i may have searched every nook and cranny of the place with a butcher knife to make sure no serial killers were waiting to take my life)
and i know i should have totally gone out and partied like i was single and ready to mingle
but instead, i was even cooler and did some cleaning/organizing/productivizing (yeah. it's a word).
the kids an i also took some pics to send to the B while he was making his way home
aren't they dolls?! ugh. i love 'em i love 'em i love 'em!

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