Wednesday, July 20, 2011

worse than the amazon.

i swear i'm not lying. jonathan yuhas told me so...
because of the mass amounts of snow we received this winter
and then the torrential rains and flooding of this spring
the ground is so saturated that this heat wave is causing the
air temperature (that is already at 97) to feel like 115 and wet.
People don't really think of Minneapolis as having hot weather, 
but they don't realize that it can get unbearably humid.
the thermometer may only say 94, but the humidity in the air
will actually bring the temperature up well past 100.
so what did we do to celebrate this deadly weather?
went to a twins game with 37 billion other sweaty, hot, stank-a-sauruses.
we had fabulous seats (dugout level) and wonderful company (thank you Vinings!)
and it was hotter than hell. seriously. i dripped the entire game. 
i think the sky may have even been on fire for part of the game.
thanks for a wonderful, memorable night as always! 

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