Wednesday, July 6, 2011


this is what i feel like today
a big ol' pig.
although the weekend was a total blast,
the after effects of overindulgence has been weighing on me...
my cuzzie and i have started our own little version of weight watchers
and have been encouraging each other cross country, which has been great.
losing weight aint easy... especially the serious poundage i have packed on,
but it has really helped to have her there to hold me accountable and to
cheer each other on.
but alas... after losing weight and getting on track and feeling great about it,
4th of July came and shoved fat and beer down my throat.
yes... i understand that i am taking all personal blame off of myself
and putting it onto a fabulous holiday and that is not the way to recovery.
either way... i chose to put everything into my mouth and now i feel frumpy
 sad face
i will get back on track!
i will lose weight!
i will be hot and sexxxy again!
look out Kimmy K!

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