Monday, June 27, 2011

Challenge: NO TV

i've almost made it 
i'm about to go and read until i fall asleep
and then i will have successfully made it through my first night of... dun dun duuuuun!
i'm pretty sure that i'm addicted to the stuff
like crack
and with the new life plan that i'm after
(more on that later)
i can't really afford to be watching tv at night.
plus, it's never good when you see your tv friends more than your real ones.
so instead of watching tv i did this:
laid in the backyard reading my book
with an ice cold bev and my two favorites

what a glorious evening 
i think i could get used to this no tv thing... until Friday.

**sidebar: i'm trying to publish this post and for some reason my internet isn't working
this shouldn't be a big deal as Boyfriend is very tech savvy
that's kind of like his profession and all
so I say lovingly:
'babe, the internet is down or something'
and all that i can hear is
'teeeheeheehtteheeee... claim war!... asdgfha;dgdsg... he's coming for you Mike!'
it'll be a while before this post makes it to the interwebs.
i hate call of duty.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I can't get over how much i love these two pictures.
1. Puck is just such a ham. plus i think he should be a model
and make us tens of dollars. pay for his cat food and shiz.
2. winnie riding shot gun, boyfriend in the back seat,
both out the window... and yes, i took that picture while driving
very slowly.
please don't tell my mom
gets me everytime!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

look at how my garden grows

I can't believe how well our vegetable garden is growing!
here's what we've got coming up:
GIANT pumpkins
banana peppers
red cabbage
brussel sprouts
sweet potatoes
    I'm more than likely leaving something out,
    but i'm pretty proud of our little horticulture experiement out back.
    last night, my 4 legged helper and i found
    that tiny head of cauliflower in the veggie bed.
    i thought i was seeing things at first.
    see... i dont grow plants. I kill them.
    i honestly did not think that any of the veg that we've planted
    would make it this far
    but to actually produce an edible teeny tiny head of cauliflower?
    that's pretty dope.
    (isn't 'dope' what all the hip kids are saying?)
    kevan thought it was pretty 'sick' too
    point 1 team us!

    Friday, June 17, 2011

    nat'l hot dog day

    Finally- Weinergate is over.
    He may be a perv, but i can only feel incredibly sorry for his wife.
    to have such an embarassing betrayal
    splashed all over national media would just be mortifying,
    not to mention the personal heartaches from the man who's supposed to keep you safe.
    I just can't imagine what she's feeling right now.
    i'm not sure if i could go grocery shopping with boyfriend
    if i had just found out what a mcCreepster he was.

    in other news...
    The St. Paul Saints will be giving out these beautiful boxers
    in honor of Weinergate National Hot Dog Day.
    Weinergate boxers
    Gotta love dem Saints

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011


    3 years ago today
    i forced you to be my boyfriend.
    3 years ago today
    we had already been casually dating for months
    and had been best friends for nearly 5 years.
    3 years ago today
    i had no idea the life that we would make together
    how much you would make me laugh
    how much you would make me grow  
    how much you would make me so mad
    how much i could love someone other than myself.
    3 years ago today
    we became a we.
    today i love you more than i did 3 years ago.

    you showed this to me yesterday and we laughed really hard.

    excuse the bad picture at the top... doesn't he look so happy??

    10 wishes: for summer

    1. Go up north as much as possible
    2. Finish projects around the house
    3. Soak up MN's live music scene (molly's band is a must)
    4. Figure out plan for thi$ fall
    5. Have lots of BBQs
    6. EAT HEALTHY (try to wean boyfriend off Dew)
    7. Do 5 unique things (boyfriend: shooting range/me: broadway show)
    8. Set up a hammock
    9. Take naps in the backyard
    10. Love on each other madly <3

    Sunday, June 12, 2011


    needless to say, the right side of the car 
    was filled with slobber by the time we got to the cabin.

    it was another gorgeous weekend with my lover
    have i told you how much i love it up there?

    damn you

    go here
    i have been d.y.i.n.g. since friday

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    may i suggest: painting the kitchen

    may i suggest that you never redo your kitchen?
    I know it'll totally be worth it in the end.
    no nasty yellow walls AND ceiling
     soon the cupboards will be a crisp white
    and the tile... well... it wont be ugly.
    plus, buying a move-in ready house was not in our budget
    at all
    so primping and painting every room was in our future no matter what.
    but currently our kitchen looks like this:
    yes... the fridge is in the middle of the room.
    yes... you can't see the counters.
    yes... the main light in the room comes from the hotttt flood light.

    having your kitchen in such disarray is so much more frustrating than you would think.
    i love my kitchen.
    i live in my kitchen.
    and having my kitchen look like that
    makes me look like a crazy person: 

    Dear Boyfriend

    Thank you for being a responsible adult and setting out my vitamins
    every single morning
    which i then place into an inappropriate shape
    tee hee hee!


    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    115 miles.

    i'm not sure when it started or why,
    but i have been having an affair.
    a deep, dark, amazingly crazy beautiful love affair that i just can't shake.
    and i'm going back for more this weekend
    out of all of the beautiful places i've been to,
    nothing compares to going up north and spending the weekend on the lake.
    I've already warned the bf that he better bring in some big smackers
    so that i can live on the lake every summer...
    i can dream, right?
    The BF and Winnie at the cab a week ago.
    (i was loosing at kings in the corner hence his grin. sad face.)
    i was so proud of my little girl!
    she finally became a real life Golden and swam in the lake
    playing fetch and all that cutesy Golden stuff
    I'll have to take video of it this weekend
    and then actually post it ;)

    yeeeah. Sorry about that.

    Well that wasn't the greatest start to the new blog
    now was it?
    Let's try this again...
    hello interwebs!
    I'm Tricia.
    I'm in the process of turning my life upsidedown
    and the very thought gives me the shits.
    How do you do?