Wednesday, June 8, 2011

115 miles.

i'm not sure when it started or why,
but i have been having an affair.
a deep, dark, amazingly crazy beautiful love affair that i just can't shake.
and i'm going back for more this weekend
out of all of the beautiful places i've been to,
nothing compares to going up north and spending the weekend on the lake.
I've already warned the bf that he better bring in some big smackers
so that i can live on the lake every summer...
i can dream, right?
The BF and Winnie at the cab a week ago.
(i was loosing at kings in the corner hence his grin. sad face.)
i was so proud of my little girl!
she finally became a real life Golden and swam in the lake
playing fetch and all that cutesy Golden stuff
I'll have to take video of it this weekend
and then actually post it ;)

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