Monday, June 27, 2011

Challenge: NO TV

i've almost made it 
i'm about to go and read until i fall asleep
and then i will have successfully made it through my first night of... dun dun duuuuun!
i'm pretty sure that i'm addicted to the stuff
like crack
and with the new life plan that i'm after
(more on that later)
i can't really afford to be watching tv at night.
plus, it's never good when you see your tv friends more than your real ones.
so instead of watching tv i did this:
laid in the backyard reading my book
with an ice cold bev and my two favorites

what a glorious evening 
i think i could get used to this no tv thing... until Friday.

**sidebar: i'm trying to publish this post and for some reason my internet isn't working
this shouldn't be a big deal as Boyfriend is very tech savvy
that's kind of like his profession and all
so I say lovingly:
'babe, the internet is down or something'
and all that i can hear is
'teeeheeheehtteheeee... claim war!... asdgfha;dgdsg... he's coming for you Mike!'
it'll be a while before this post makes it to the interwebs.
i hate call of duty.

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