Friday, June 10, 2011

may i suggest: painting the kitchen

may i suggest that you never redo your kitchen?
I know it'll totally be worth it in the end.
no nasty yellow walls AND ceiling
 soon the cupboards will be a crisp white
and the tile... well... it wont be ugly.
plus, buying a move-in ready house was not in our budget
at all
so primping and painting every room was in our future no matter what.
but currently our kitchen looks like this:
yes... the fridge is in the middle of the room.
yes... you can't see the counters.
yes... the main light in the room comes from the hotttt flood light.

having your kitchen in such disarray is so much more frustrating than you would think.
i love my kitchen.
i live in my kitchen.
and having my kitchen look like that
makes me look like a crazy person: 

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