Wednesday, September 5, 2012

mr. sandman.

bring me a dream! make someone else do my sanding for me!

i honestly can say that sanding is my least favorite part of any house project.
i can't stand it. maybe it's because i'm a creature of immediate gratification and 
sanding just doesn't do it for me, or maybe it's all the dust getting into my whose its
and whatnots... it's both. yes. it's definitely both. 
we have this bank of windows in the front of our house that is the same ugly wood
trim as the rest of our house. we've slowly (very slowly) been painting everything white, 
but it's taken a while (did i mention we've been doing this slowly?) to get to the dining room.
 so last week (or maybe the week before) i got it in me to start the process and today,
the window looks the exact same. in fact, i just looked over and noticed that the
sandpaper and sanding block are still sitting on the table just as they are in this picture... sad.
 now that i've aired my dirty procrastinators laundry, i'm determined
to use this post as a motivator for me to get 'er done. 
by this time next week, i will be posting pictures of the finished product!
and if i dont, i'll probably have some wicked excuse as to why it didn't 
happen, which will probably be just as cool.

well... i have to go take a nap start sanding!
wish me luck :(