Monday, October 17, 2011

a day in the life.

today was a big day for me.
i had an interview for a job that would give me decent pay,
but would also afford for me to concentrate on my education-
making sure i could pay the bills as well as get A's.
so in true Tricia fashion- i had a ridiculous stomachache all morning
and arrived at the interview 35 minutes early... yeah... who does that?
about 15 minutes before, i went in and found... a dark, empty room.
panicked... i checked my email to see WTF was up and that's when i saw it:
the dude i had talked to had given me the wrong day- 
my interview is Wednesday... not today. 
at least i didn't miss it, right??
needless to say, i slinked outta there as fast as i could.
(didn't want anyone to see me wearing the same outfit i'll be wearing in 2 days...)

so, i decided to be productive today; took a walk with my favorite 4 legged girl
came home, tuned into the Edith Piaf pandora station and cleaned the kitchen, 
browned off veggies and beef then threw it all in the crock pot
 roast is now roasting. the smells coming from there are unbelievably comforting 
my favorite picture of grandma Lucille. after she passed, one of my aunts took a bunch
of her aprons and made those little angels for all of the women in my family.
such a treasure to have her with me in my kitchen in spirit :)
isn't she just the frickin' cutest thing you've ever seen in your whole life??
 yummy tea for the boyfriend and me

now it's time to paint the bookcases in the living room 
then study... study... study.
if anyone out there has a strong affinity for accounting,
please let me know.
you can take my class for me.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

i can't erase this off my DVR.

i'm not sure why, but i feel such a strong connection to this performance. 
the words, the voices, the fact that it's a group of women.
something about this makes me cry every time i watch it... and i've watched it far too much.
maybe i'm just a crazy biz-nasty and i feel bad for the boyfriend
for the freak-nasty that he's stuck with foooor-eeev-er.
maybe it's just that it's muah's time of the month and i feel
 like he should be doing more around the house and that's why i'm crying...
either way, i just can't get enough of this performance.
brav-ah Delilah!
wanna sing at my birthday party??
whatever... i hate you bitches...
gossip girl

need to try.

love this. really should try... with all of our cable boxes...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

europe part 1: finally!

we left from MSP on Friday Sept 2nd, landing in Amsterdam at 5:30ish their time.
the flight really wasn't that bad, considering we were on a more updated plane
and each seat had their own TV screen on the headrest in front of them.
i watched Midnight in Paris, Limitless, and Something Borrowed
which completely made the 8+ hour flight fly by... get it?? fly by?? yeeeah...
we had a 3 hour layover in Amsterdam before leaving to Geneva, Switzerland
so we hung out at this cool restaurant in the airport that i wish i had gotten a picture of.
naturally we ordered beers, wine, and a spicy bloody mary
by this time i think that we were all a little tired... doesn't he make tired look super sexxxy??
once in Geneva, we hopped on the train that would take us around the lake to Lausanne
after everyone (except my dad of course) was well rested from our 4 hour naps
we headed to the cafe across the street from our hotel
the pick thin woman stretching behind kevan and my mom was our waitress
...who we never saw. it's actually amazing she ended up in this picture.
sidenote: a never noticed how much my mom and kevan look alike until this picture...
i guess instead of marrying my father, i'm marrying dating my mother.
they're personalities are even creepily similar... wow.
we walked around Lausanne for a while that night, finally ending at
wait for it...
Le Chinese Dynasty.
yep. traveled for 15 hours to eat at a Chinese restaurant.
it was raining and we just ran in to get out of the storm, but it was like fate.
it was on the second story, so we had a perfect view of the town, Lake Geneva, and the Alps
(you can see to the left of my dad in the above picture)
and the food was out of this world.
i had beef curry that i'm still drooling/dreaming about
and kevan had some duck thing that was crazy good.
That's it for day 1!

time to go take my take home accounting test---blargf--- wish me luck!