Monday, October 17, 2011

a day in the life.

today was a big day for me.
i had an interview for a job that would give me decent pay,
but would also afford for me to concentrate on my education-
making sure i could pay the bills as well as get A's.
so in true Tricia fashion- i had a ridiculous stomachache all morning
and arrived at the interview 35 minutes early... yeah... who does that?
about 15 minutes before, i went in and found... a dark, empty room.
panicked... i checked my email to see WTF was up and that's when i saw it:
the dude i had talked to had given me the wrong day- 
my interview is Wednesday... not today. 
at least i didn't miss it, right??
needless to say, i slinked outta there as fast as i could.
(didn't want anyone to see me wearing the same outfit i'll be wearing in 2 days...)

so, i decided to be productive today; took a walk with my favorite 4 legged girl
came home, tuned into the Edith Piaf pandora station and cleaned the kitchen, 
browned off veggies and beef then threw it all in the crock pot
 roast is now roasting. the smells coming from there are unbelievably comforting 
my favorite picture of grandma Lucille. after she passed, one of my aunts took a bunch
of her aprons and made those little angels for all of the women in my family.
such a treasure to have her with me in my kitchen in spirit :)
isn't she just the frickin' cutest thing you've ever seen in your whole life??
 yummy tea for the boyfriend and me

now it's time to paint the bookcases in the living room 
then study... study... study.
if anyone out there has a strong affinity for accounting,
please let me know.
you can take my class for me.

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