Wednesday, December 18, 2013

dirty thirty.

i'm a lover of lists and as the statement "i'll be thirty in less than a year" finally applies to my life, i figured i'd make a little listie of things i'd like to do, see, be before that fateful day arrives. here... is the dirty thirty:

1. finish crocheting my blanket.
2. be comfortable with my body.
3. exercise daily.
4. create something daily.
5. say yes more.
6. save money.
7. finish decorating at least 2 rooms... at least.
8. give more.
9. go to the cabin by myself for at least a night.
10. put effort into the veggie garden.
11. have more patience.
12. watch less tv.
13. read more.
14. get pregnant ;)
15. blog consistently.
16. be more giving.
17. reach out more to friends and family.
18. stop beating around the bush and buy curtains and rugs. damnit.
19. read at least 2 classics.
20. be more adventurous. 
21. live a healthy life.
22. gossip less.
23. procrastinate less.
24. add another golden to our family. 
25. stay current in the news.
26. don't let the laundry sit forever.
27. practice recipes.
28. dance more.
29. always have firewood at the ready (which i don't tonight... sad face).
30. go to the theatre often.

Monday, December 16, 2013

twas the night before my birthday...

in a matter of hours, i'll be 29.
29! i'm 365 days away from 30. holy shit. holy shit. holy shit.
i know age is just a number and yadda yadda, but the reality that i am just one short year away from 30 is a little too... real. like really real. like really really holy shit real. Ah! i feel like i just parked my neon splatter painted huffy in my parents garage after being called in for dinner. how the hell am i almost 30?? yikes. in all honestly, i'm a little excited to turn thirty. just a little. 
for now, i'll stick with 29 :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

on getting married.

i can't believe how fast our engagement is going. honestly, i can't believe how fast like is going, but that's a post for another time :) it really has been such a fun, laid back time for Kevan and i and i can't imagine doing it any other way. we have most of our big stuff done and booked and are now left with the fun, little, decor things. oh yeah... and the officiant. crap. well...we'll have to get on that... like yesterday... whoops! really though, this little moment in our life has been such a treasure. talking about what the day is going to be like and then dreaming of our future beyond is almost surreal. i feel like we're still teenagers hanging out in Erin's basement, getting into trouble, and still living with our parents! one of the best parts is that Kevan is so relaxed about everything. he's the typical "just send me an invitation" groom, but what's really great is that he still does want some say in the goings on. gah, i love 'im. and i love that boquet. LOVE. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

minneapolis, you gorgeous thing, you.

isn't minneapolis a dream? 
i took this picture yesterday while at the Guthrie and although i've lived here all of my life, i couldn't help thinking how little i know of this city that i call home. i am determined to get out more. to be more adventurous (one of my many pre-new years resolutions) and to really explore this great mini-apple. we have such an amazing theatre, food, fun community in our little big city and i have got to just jump on it. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

taking stock.

Making: lists. lots of them.
Cooking: soup for my sick mister. it's actually rather good, so i'll have to chat about that on a later date.
Drinking: JR Watkins Vanilla Egg Nog.
Reading: Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. whenever i'm in between books, HP is my go to :)
Wanting: my mister to feel better. the flu really took the guy out this weekend.
Looking: forward to another 4 day weekend. 
Playing: games with the deer in our neighborhood. i will lure you to our backyard with old pumpkins so that i can stare at you from my couch as if i've never seen a deer before. 
Wasting: time. it's time to get back on the wagon, lady.
Sewing Crocheting: a deliciously cozy blanket.
Wishing: i had socks on. it's pretty damn cold in here.
Enjoying: all the time we get with our family.
Waiting: for the extra soup to cool so i can put it away.
Liking: december.
Wondering: when it'll snow.
Loving: the thought of getting into a warm bed. 
Hoping: i don't catch Kevan's ick.
Marveling: at how my cat is always hungry and never shies from letting me know.
Needing: some perseverance.
Smelling: lemon grass, curry, coconut milk, cilantro, cayenne, ginger. yum.
Wearing: no bra. some other stuff, but most importantly, no bra.
Following: my diet. kind of. more so than i have in a while.
Noticing: i need to be much better with staying in touch.
Knowing: just knowing. 
Thinking: about going to bed. at 9:30...
Feeling: like i'm on the verge of something. 
Bookmarking: christmas presents. to get and to give ;)
Opening: my mind to being more adventurous.
Giggling: at nothing.
Feeling: tired.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

sadie sadie, married lady.

mrs. plaetzer, mrs. plaetzer! what a beautiful name!

I am so behind on this here blog.
not only has it been 4 months since I last posted...
in 3 days, it'll be 2 months since my main squeeze popped the question.
and oh so much more has happened, but back to the big stuff :)

yes, yes... he finally put a ring on it and I couldn't be happier.
he asked in total Kevan fashion and said the sweetest things my ears have ever heard.
it wasn't big, it wasn't opulent, it was him. 
and it was perfect.
a moment when time literally stood still and was just about us.

Kevan, my best friend, my love
you have made me so incredibly happy over the past 5 years 
and I just can't wait to be your Sadie.