Sunday, December 1, 2013

taking stock.

Making: lists. lots of them.
Cooking: soup for my sick mister. it's actually rather good, so i'll have to chat about that on a later date.
Drinking: JR Watkins Vanilla Egg Nog.
Reading: Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. whenever i'm in between books, HP is my go to :)
Wanting: my mister to feel better. the flu really took the guy out this weekend.
Looking: forward to another 4 day weekend. 
Playing: games with the deer in our neighborhood. i will lure you to our backyard with old pumpkins so that i can stare at you from my couch as if i've never seen a deer before. 
Wasting: time. it's time to get back on the wagon, lady.
Sewing Crocheting: a deliciously cozy blanket.
Wishing: i had socks on. it's pretty damn cold in here.
Enjoying: all the time we get with our family.
Waiting: for the extra soup to cool so i can put it away.
Liking: december.
Wondering: when it'll snow.
Loving: the thought of getting into a warm bed. 
Hoping: i don't catch Kevan's ick.
Marveling: at how my cat is always hungry and never shies from letting me know.
Needing: some perseverance.
Smelling: lemon grass, curry, coconut milk, cilantro, cayenne, ginger. yum.
Wearing: no bra. some other stuff, but most importantly, no bra.
Following: my diet. kind of. more so than i have in a while.
Noticing: i need to be much better with staying in touch.
Knowing: just knowing. 
Thinking: about going to bed. at 9:30...
Feeling: like i'm on the verge of something. 
Bookmarking: christmas presents. to get and to give ;)
Opening: my mind to being more adventurous.
Giggling: at nothing.
Feeling: tired.

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