Wednesday, December 11, 2013

on getting married.

i can't believe how fast our engagement is going. honestly, i can't believe how fast like is going, but that's a post for another time :) it really has been such a fun, laid back time for Kevan and i and i can't imagine doing it any other way. we have most of our big stuff done and booked and are now left with the fun, little, decor things. oh yeah... and the officiant. crap. well...we'll have to get on that... like yesterday... whoops! really though, this little moment in our life has been such a treasure. talking about what the day is going to be like and then dreaming of our future beyond is almost surreal. i feel like we're still teenagers hanging out in Erin's basement, getting into trouble, and still living with our parents! one of the best parts is that Kevan is so relaxed about everything. he's the typical "just send me an invitation" groom, but what's really great is that he still does want some say in the goings on. gah, i love 'im. and i love that boquet. LOVE. 

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