Wednesday, December 18, 2013

dirty thirty.

i'm a lover of lists and as the statement "i'll be thirty in less than a year" finally applies to my life, i figured i'd make a little listie of things i'd like to do, see, be before that fateful day arrives. here... is the dirty thirty:

1. finish crocheting my blanket.
2. be comfortable with my body.
3. exercise daily.
4. create something daily.
5. say yes more.
6. save money.
7. finish decorating at least 2 rooms... at least.
8. give more.
9. go to the cabin by myself for at least a night.
10. put effort into the veggie garden.
11. have more patience.
12. watch less tv.
13. read more.
14. get pregnant ;)
15. blog consistently.
16. be more giving.
17. reach out more to friends and family.
18. stop beating around the bush and buy curtains and rugs. damnit.
19. read at least 2 classics.
20. be more adventurous. 
21. live a healthy life.
22. gossip less.
23. procrastinate less.
24. add another golden to our family. 
25. stay current in the news.
26. don't let the laundry sit forever.
27. practice recipes.
28. dance more.
29. always have firewood at the ready (which i don't tonight... sad face).
30. go to the theatre often.

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