Thursday, July 14, 2011

like in the movies.

So you know how sometimes people in the movies or on a tv show/commercial
will accidentally press 'reply all' to an email and send a snarky remark that was not intended for everyone to see? or that they accidentally send an email to Billy Joe when it was actually supposed to go to Bobby Sue and then hillarity ensues? day at work i was sending Boyfriend an email. the email included this picture and was titled "you + me"

yes, i know that it's 2 kangaroos hugging... or maybe they're "hugging"...
and that's weird, but it makes sense to us and that's all that matters.
anywhos. so i sent this to his personal email that starts and a 'S'
and coincidentally the company i work at starts with a 'S'
and guess what... our blast email address that includes everyone
that works within said company starts with a 'S'.
yep. you guessed it. i sent the above picture of 2 f-ing kangaroos
with the caption 'you + me' NOT to Boyfriend, but...
to the entire f-ing company.
i just about peed myself and threw up at the same time.
moral of the story... check who you're sending things to because you might
end up setting yourself up for very akward moments by the watercooler.

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