Friday, July 22, 2011


a man with a baby.
MY man with a baby.
it just melts my heart into a puddle of mush and love.
that my friends is the beautiful, perfect baby A.
she's the new addition to the Papagiannopoulos family
and might i say- possibly my favorite of the 3 :)
i held this precious little peanutski forever and quite honestly
didn't want to let her go. ever.
I shared her with Kevan for a milisecond and then
demanded her be returned to my arms at which
point he 'accidentally' knocked her little knit hat off
and she and i both got pissed, stomped to our rooms and slammed the door.
well... at least one of us did.
Really though, she laid in my arms just looking around
(mostly at my beautiful face- really, who can resist?)
and only made one little cry noise for a second when 
her parents opened her presents without her... i would've been pissed too.
i cannot wait to watch this little beauty grow
and could not be more proud or happy for her amazing parents. 

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