Tuesday, February 21, 2012


let me just preface this post with a little boyfriend praise:
as i'm typing this... tucked into my warm bed (yes, i am lazy)...
my amazing, dedicated, motivated, and most importantly super zexxxy boyfriend
is hard at work painting all of the door frames :)
did i luck with him out or what??

so all of the construction is done!!! can i get an amen?!?!
no more drywall dust, or nail guns, or waaaaiting.
we're finally onto painting...which is a whole other monster in itself,
but I'd take painting over construction any day.
the hole for the chandelier has been drilled. we'll finally have light in this room!
whenever we've tried to eat in the dining room, we've had to turn on
the hall lights, both living room lights, and the entry light just to be able to see what we're eating.
having a light above the table just may be life changing.
the guys did wonderful work on that last night (with a little assistance from moi):
ps... Judd is going to school to be a contractor, which is pretty bad ass for us,
but also means you should call him and hire him and let him build things in your house.
he's kind of a home genius.
you can kind of see the new color on the walls in the above 2 pictures, but it's super evident below.
i have no idea what the original color was... butter yellow? cheesy grits?
...of course my made up names are food related...
the new color, which is Wheat Bread by BEHR (again... food), reads pretty grey 
next to the old color, but is different in person. of course.
it almost changes depending on what lighting you're in. 
sometimes it looks tan, like wheat bread (go figure),
but sometimes it does look pretty grey. i seriously love it. LOVE IT.
there was a happy girl chasing me and apparently boyfriend melted out of his pants.
we took out the wobbly banister that was there and added a half wall.
i was really apprehensive about this, but the privacy that it gives to us is totally worth it.
also- the nasty chandelier and the thingy above the door are on their way out.
i think i might move the thingy out to the garden or somewhere outside.
the curtains are also leaving us and the window trim will soon be white.
there are all of these little things that we inherited when we bought the house
and have just been using because they were there.
it's nice to now be really molding this place into a home that is our style and represents us.
it's so open! i seriously can't stop dancing from room to room where that nasty wall was.
ignore the pile of furniture. also, that wall is going to look COMPLETELY different in 3-4 months.
at least we have a construction break until then... happy face? 
we're currently painting the molding and are discussing possible crown molding as well.
i say... yes yes YESSSSSS, but we'll see :) 
here's a little reminder of what it used to look like:
wow. i can not believe how much the house has changed.
we still have so much to do and i'll try to keep updating the internets on our progress.
in the spirit of being truthful: it hasn't been easy. there has been yelling and crying 
and cursing, but with everyday comes growth. progress. 
we've never owned a home. we've never gone through the upheaval that renovating causes.
this has been one of the bigger trials we've had in our 4 years
and we're learning much more than just how to drywall, strip molding, properly paint, etc.
we're learning about each other as individuals and about us as a couple
and i would never take back a second of this experience.
i love you, boyfriend!

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