Wednesday, February 29, 2012

National Pancake Day.

we love pancakes around these parts.
typically blueberry, sometimes from a box, always delicious.
we love pancakes.
and as yesterday was National Pancake Day, naturally
we had pancakes.

i used this recipe and they were actually pretty good,
which is saying a lot because we are a picky bunch.
especially when it comes to pancakes.

 the night started with bacon in the oven... mmmmmmm.
400 degrees for 20-ish minutes. turns out perfect every. single. time.
then came pancakes on the stove. some with blueberries and some plain.
followed by the sad face when the girl learned this was our brinner (breakfast for dinner... i'm clever)
not hers.
but of course someone snuck some into her bowl.
so the night was good for all.

NPD is good for me!

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