Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I'm back!
Back in the New York blogging groove!

i wish i could say something cool like,
"sorry! i've been backpacking through europe and didn't have an internet connection."
or"i was on a yacht trip around the world and couldn't blog from the middle of the Atlantic."
or even"oops! the road trip went for and extra 2 months."

but alas... i can't.
i've just been working.
working at work.
working in the yard.
working in the house.
working on getting my seXXXy back.
working on flattening my ass by sitting on this couch.
(it's a little counterproductive to the work before it. whatevs.)
Working on me, really.

boring for you.
educational for me. 

there are going to be some exciting things going on around here. well, not really that exciting.
obvi i changed the name of the blog and now i'm working on getting a new header finished.
i've never used photoshop, so this should be interesting...
and frustrating.
cross your fingers i'll have something up relatively soon (like, in less than 2 months).

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