Thursday, May 17, 2012

soak. it. in.

so, i think i like my header. i think.
i'll have to let it grow on me for a bit, but i'm pretty sure i'm sticking with this.
for now...

i've been blogging for 2 years, but this whole 'design' thing is so new to me,
so self-taught, so slow, so frustrating.
i'm the type who likes to be good at things. who likes to be the best (or close to) at things.
trust me, i know that life is all about taking the first step and putting in hard work and yada yada,
but i'm impatient, and easily distracted, and it's windy today, and i hope it doesn't rain when i mow
the lawn, and... shit. sorry.
as i was saying... it's going to be a progress, journey, learning experience, what have you and i need
to keep reminding myself to enjoy it and soak it in. everything that is. not just teaching myself damn
photoshop, but everything in life. 
soak. it. in.

well, i'm off to mow the lawn and i hope it doesn't rain on me.

(from my walk yesterday... doesn't it look like a baby elephant?)

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