Monday, August 13, 2012

he's back!

wait. no. she's back. i'm back. yeah, that's it.
that's just one of my all time favorite scenes in one of my all time favorite sagas.
you know, when fudge steps out of the flue in the ministry of magic
at the end of the order of the phoenix and he sees voldemort standing over
harry potter and in that moment he realizes that he-who-must-not-be-named
is really back, as hp has been saying since that night in the graveyard when he 
witnessed cedric's death and the rebirth of the dark lord, but no one had believed him
until that very moment, when fudge says "he's back!"?
no? well then we can't be friends.
just kidding! i'll take what i can get ;)


my man friend and i are back from a relaxing, rejuvenating week at the lake.
filled with sleeping in, naps on the dock, movies whenever we want, yummy food,
visiting family, swimming swimming swimming, and lots lots more.
man we love the lake.
our first night and an amazing sunset

more on that later this week.
for now, i have cleaning to do before... dundunduuuun... 
i have to leave for work.

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