Thursday, August 2, 2012

"the DC"... as my dad calls it.

actually he doesn't call it that at all, but apparently
he got a tweet from my great aunt vicki who DOES call it "the DC".
a tweet...

the Dolan Classic is an amazing tradition that my dad's family has had
for the past 42 years. it's kind of amazing if you think about it. 
the family started with my great grandparents who, through struggle and hard times,
raised 13 amazing individuals. out of them came 72 (i think that's the correct number!)
including my dad. and from there we continue to multiply... like good irish catholics :)

during the last full weekend in july, we dolans migrate from where ever
we are in the world to the southwest quadrant of minnesota to spend a weekend
golfing, drinking, and catching up with our beloved extended family.

for us, it starts with the drive through the minnesota river valley:
past a few farms:
and down a country road or two:
after that, it's a blur of hugs and laughter and singing
and more laughter... possibly a beer or two... and more hugs.
every year, since i was able to go, we've stayed at the same motel.
it used to be called the cozy grove- not the wilder inn,
 but i guess it's one of the places that will always be the cozy grove, always.
guaranteed top 5 weekend every year. this time included a little
tongue lashing from the hells angels. as if i'm scared of some pansies on bikes.
ok... i may have shit my pants... twice.

next year i plan on being a pro photographer and coming back
with something other than iphone pics.
speaking of... i'm seeing a trend in the filter i've been choosing.
time for a change, tricia. time for a change. 

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