Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1 year today.

1 year ago today, the boyfriend and i made a huge decision.
one that would change our lives forever.
I can't say that all 365 days were peachy, sparkling, golden rays of sunshine
but i can say that our decision put our relationship on a whole new pedestal.
we've learned so much about each other and are still learning to this day.
one year ago, we became home owners!
we made the biggest decision thus far in our coupled life
and i would not change anything.
funny... as i'm writing this Edith Piaf is signing "no regret" (the english version)
on Pandora. fate? maybe ;)
we still have SO much to do
but at least the guest room is no longer MN Wild themed:
the kitchen is no longer a yellow cave (ceilings and all...)
and the basement is finally cleaned out of boxes, which only took 11.5 months

we're getting there, slowly but surely... in pretty much all aspects of our lives.
next in line: tearing out all the nasty andes mint carpet that runs through the entire main floor... gross.
i will do a major happy dance on that day.

time for some quality time with my 4 legged girl!
hopefully i dont eat it on the icy pavement...

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