Thursday, January 12, 2012

life in pics

gross... i'm sick. life faucet nostrils and burning throat sick.
work. work. work. 
50 degrees in January. wonderfully warm. although, today's taken a turn for the worse.
it's currently 11 degrees out... yes... 11 and brown.
i'm a little torn on this whole snow vs no snow thing.
although i heart purdy, white, snow... being able to drive on dry pavement
is kinda rad.  
God i love them. 
doesn't it look like Puck is Winnie's pimp?
like she's been slipping a few of her hard earned dolla bills into her bag
and he's just found out and we just caught him in the middle of giving her a beat down?
yeeeeeeeaaaaah... too much cable.

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