Monday, October 1, 2012

October the 1st.

october has already been a very productive month for me and i hope it stays that way.
i've strained my chicken stock
frozen some meals that i made for the kevster and i
dusted a majority of the house
made iced coffee
read some of my book (marie antoinette: the journey. such an interesting life)
watched harry potter 7 (don't tell kevan)
did the dishes and put away the laundry
finally sat down to write this here blog post
and it's only 12:30.
now i just have to vacuum and start part 8 before leaving for work in a hour.

during these fabulously colorful 31 days i hope to:
organize mah home life.
get school set up for next semester.
finish some projects around here.
start decorating.
make a myriad of apple delicacies.
go to an oktoberfest celebration.
visit an apple orchard.

any big plans in your present and future 31 days?

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