Tuesday, October 2, 2012

wile e. coyote.

coyotes are taking over in the woods behind our house and i'm not happy about it.
nevermind the fact that they are pushing out so much of the wildlife,
they're scary as all getup!
well... they actually look more like this than the above pic:
looks kinda friendly, eh?
yeah right. i've read that they stalk humans out on walks, eat livestock,
can jump fences, and will most definitely eat my dog.
plus, we hear this at around 3am far too often for me to think that they're cute and friendly:
oh, and i've had way too many dreams of mutant coyotes picking our locks at night and 
breaking into our house and grabbing kevan by the throat for the "kill bite".
(watching the ID channel at night and then having their howls wake you up at 3am aint a good combo).

how do we get rid of these scary beasts??

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