Monday, October 8, 2012

liquid gooold.

am i the only person on the planet who has seen this commercial?:
i say 'liquid goooooooold' all the damn time and no one ever has any idea what i'm talking about.
lets talk about some liquid gold that aint gunna clog yo damn arteries.
chicken stock.
so good.
we have roast chicken at least once a week in this house
and letting the bones go to waste is definitely not an option.
so stock i make. 

Chicken Stock:
1 organic, free range, no added anything chicken
(cooked and de-meated)
water to cover
**i had some carrots and onions that needed to be used, so i just tossed them in

-throw everything in the crockpot and turn that sucker on low.
-leave for at least 24 hours.
-strain out all bones and chunks
-let come to room temp
-stick the stock in the fridge (these pics are all pre-fridge)
-the fat will solidify on the top of the stock
-scrape off the fat and dispose
-at this point, i separate and freeze
perfect base for any soup, stew, sauce, etc.

i've actually got a chicken caracas in the fridge right now.
this time i'll take pics of the process :)

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