Tuesday, June 26, 2012


so i have heard a lot of conflicting information from friends:
"cleanses are pointless", "cleanses totally work", "just eat clean"
and i get it. for some people, it's easier to just eat clean and they're able
to loose weight, keep it off, and look amazing.
me: that's not the case.
i have no willpower. in fact, if i go out to eat and really want a salad, but there's
cheeseburgers on the menu, i'll start to get anxious about what to order and typically
get the burger. i cave. big time. 
sometimes it's to suppress my ridiculous anxiety, sometimes it's cause i just want an effin burger.
either way i need a change and i needed it to be semi-drastic. 
soooo... meet my new best friend!

that's right. Trader Joe's Hemp Protein Powder. i make a shake for breakfast, have 
a salad for lunch, and then make another shake for dinner. my shakes have typically
consisted of fruit and a spoonful of greek yogurt with some water to thin it out and ya know what? 
they're seriously not bad. they look like diarrhea and make me shit twigs and hippies,
but they taste like your everyday fruit smoothie.
we'll see how this works! i'm going to try it for a month and reevaluate at the end.
also! you should watch "fat, sick, and nearly dead". i know that i've seen commercials that you can
watch it for free on oxygen or something like that- do it! 
we've got a juicer and i just need to get my rear in gear and get stocked up on veggies.

i've got to go finish my shake (well... not a shake. Kevan ate all of the fruit and i almost 
freaked, but i mixed water, ice, lemon, and my powder in my mixer. it's surprisingly not bad
and i think it's going to become my every morning drank). 

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