Monday, June 18, 2012

what a weekend.

oh my word, what a weekend.
the scanlan clan headed up north to spend a long weekend
on the lake celebrating our queen matriarch's 80th birthday.
there was swimming in the frigid lake, building people in the sand, campfires,
songs, riddles, karaoke, scanlan olympics, broken ankles and toes, boat rides, and 
oh so much more. to live this weekend over and over would be a dream :)
now, a photo dump:
without them, there would be no us.
this little bea is the first of the fourth.
emily, mary, and con.
boo boo in the sand.
patrick creating life.
watching old home movies.
the originals. 
last night campfire. yes. i was roasting 8 mallows.
drive home.

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