Friday, June 29, 2012

side yard.

2 previous owners ago, our house was occupied by a little old lady
and her little old dog. this little old lady loved nothing more than her little dog
and her gardens, so much so that she was part of the Edina garden club. 
i'm sure that all of her landscaping was beautiful while she was keeping
up with everything, but over the years and through different owners the yard started
to become over-grown. this is where we come in. we've been doing so much
to the inside of our house and just this spring/summer have started
moving our projects to the outdoors leading me to the point of this post.
our side yard.
as you can see from the photo below, it's been very neglected and has become 
a total eyesore. 
front view
happy girl!
progress! not much, but some. we had to clear out all of the weeds
before we could really start scaping our land. it took forever, but was totally worth it.
beautiful hydrangea! we're planning on getting 2, maybe 3 more, but
these beauts will do for now.

we've cleaned everything out and planted a few other things, but that
will be a different post. we've got some major plans for our yard: lilacs, veggie garden (which
we did last year, just didn't have time this spring), lilacs, deck, fire pit, lilacs, outdoor kitchen,
did i say lilacs? so yes, big plans. big, big plans.

can't wait!

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