Monday, July 2, 2012

Minnehaha Dog Park.

oh the gloriousness of the Minnehaha Dog Park.
yes, there are other dog parks around, but none as wonderful as this.
i've heard many good things about it, but had never actually gone...
that is, until this past saturday. it was nice out, we were just lazin' around,
so we decided to get out and try something new: the Minnehaha Dog Park.
when you get there, you walk down this long wooded path and then suddenly,
the trees part and your on the beach of the river. 
there's a million dogs roaming free through the 6 1/2 acre doggy playground
and it's just so much fun to see. the river was warm, but i guess the current was
pretty bad. we never threw the ball out too far, but i guess a dog was swept
down the river a little bit. scary, right??

winnie was afraid of the water at first, of course, but she hasn't been in the
water since last summer and sooner than later she was back at it like a pro.

my little long tongue, bushy tail girl had a blast. we almost had to drag her out of the river 
once she warmed up to it. 

 ugh and i'm so pissed! right as we got to the clearing, a huge white riverboat steamed 
past us and i was so excited about it that i forgot to take a picture.
next time i'm bringing my actual camera and I WILL get that picture. 

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