Tuesday, July 3, 2012

truth about 'The Cleanse'

ugh, it's hard. like even cardboard smothered in alfredo sauce looks 
good hard. like last nights pizza burgers were talking to me hard.
like every processed, fatty, carb-loaded, creamy, salty food 
is calling my name saying "eat me, tricia. eat me!" hard.
 and lets not even start about what's been going on in the bathroom.
and i can't say that i haven't given in a couple of times. 
frozen yogurt with mad toppings, homemade burger with no bun might i add, and the unspeakable at work last night.
not good, but not toooo bad for my first 2 weeks. i can't think like that though!
if i really want this to work, i have to be more strict.
i need to keep reminding myself that the pros totally outweigh the cons.

i feel lighter
i'm losing weight
i feel stronger
my body and mind feel more clear
it's helping me make healthier decisions everyday

i want to eat everything!
everything looks delicious
carb, sugar, caffeine withdrawals 
i want to cook and bake all day long
bathroom nasty

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