Tuesday, July 10, 2012

on turning 30.

granted i have 890 days until the big 3-0, but i've been thinking about what it will
mean when that day actually comes... and then goes and where i'll be, what i'll have
accomplished, what my life will be like, and so on. will it be ok if i don't have kids
by then? will it be ok if kevan and i aren't married by then? what if i never
lose weight? what if what if? will i will i?? the more i think about it,
the more the anxiety sets in. the more the questions cloud my mind.
 when this picture was taken, i was probably 7 months old and my mom... was 28. 
i'll be 28 in 5 months and 7 days.
and i'm ok with that.
but the thought that 30 is around the corner leaves me with a twinge anxiety.
anxiety nonetheless, but anxiety i can handle. that will push me to be better, learn
more, experience adventure, and figure out the me i want to be.

so 30, bring it on!
...just not until 2014.

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