Monday, July 16, 2012

this is the man.

in murren sept. 2011
this is the man who taught me how to be a great competitor, 
but always show grace and sportsmanship on the field.
the man who showed me that sometimes humor is the world's best medicine.
who gives the world's best hugs.

this is the man who taught me how hard work always and sacrifice in the now,
can bring amazing accomplishments and experiences to the future.
the man who can make best friends out of a room of strangers.
who showed me what it's like to be a true and honest person and
to put the best for the group above the best for the individual.

this is the man who gave me life in more ways than one.
the man who taught me the difference between right and wrong.
who showed me how to live and make the most out of everything thrown your way.

this is the man whose birthday is today.
happy birthday, oh wonderful father of mine!
may the adventure continue for many many years to come.

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